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While our science cart products are not ready, we try to use this website for other educational contents. This is a start.


Starting school can create a great sense of excitement as well as anxiety. Discussing potential issues with you child may prove to be very valuable. For kids that are entering the school system for the first time, it may be a very scary experience. It is important to support your child but also prepare them for what is coming. Making children comfortable about the school is the first step. Driving by the school and pointing out different activities happening outside, even before your child has started school, will create a sense of excitement for the child. 

Returning students may also have some reservations about going back to school. Be sure to point out all of the good memories they had from the previous year(s). Take your child clothes shopping and let them pick out what they want. Including your child in school preparations, even prior to starting the new year, will get them accustomed to the year ahead. 

While many parents shop for school essentials such as notebooks, pens, etc., it is often forgotten that there are ways to prepare your child before the classes begin. Summer reading programs offer a great start, but why limit the kids there? There are a variety of other things a child can do to prepare academically to stay “ahead of the curve.” 

Science projects are a great way to keep your child from wasting hours upon hours in front of the television. They offer insightful information into the world of science. Websites such as miniscience.com and scienceproject.com offer a variety of different skill levels from a novice science enthusiast to a more experienced scientist. These websites offer easy to follow directions and kits that make the process a fun and educational experience. It makes perfect sense for parents to encourage their kids to get involved in these projects. Some kids find hands on work that they can carry out and produce a result much more rewarding than just reading a book and writing a report. In a scientific experiment, reading and conducting research is a big part of the project. At the end, the child will write a report as well. 

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Some of the other websites served or maintained by QuickLink or New Jersey Industrial Research Center are listed below. These websites are being highlighted because of their contributions to science and education.

  • ScienceProject.com
    ScienceProject.com is a source of information and support for students who want to take their science project to a higher level and show the applications of science in life, business and different industries. All students can become a member in order to view a project guide and get additional support on their projects.
  • MiniScience.com
    Gathering material needed for a science fair project has always been a challenge for students. MiniScience.com is an online store that provides many of the material that students need for their science projects. These material are sold individually or in the form of a science kit. Many of MiniScience.com products make perfect gift for intelligent and curious students.
  • KidsLoveKits.com
    KidsLoveKits.com also known as klk.com are alternatives to MiniScience.com focused on Science project kits and educational sets.
  • ChemicalStore.com
    Many science experiments require access to substances that are not easily available to most students. ChemicalStore.com is where students can obtain small amounts of chemicals at very low prices. 



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